The stretch of Bayou Castine from the public launch to Lake Pontchartrain is shallow on the east side of the bayou. Boats with drafts that exceed 6 feet should enter or leave no further east than the center of the bayou. Upstream of the Pontchartrain dry storage area, the depth exceeds 9 feet.


Magnolia Dredge & Dock, LLC will be performing a Hydraulic Dredging project in the New Orleans Municipal Yacht Harbor. Dredge Equipment will be in the area along with a floating Pipeline and submerged Pipeline. The Northwest upper Portion of the Dredge area is located at approximately 30°01’41.434”N and 90°06’56.998”W the North east outer portion of the Cut is located at approximately 30°01’40.901”N and 90°06’52.405”W. The South West Outer Corner of the cut is at approx. 30°01’39.554”N and 90°06’57.013”W. The South East Corner of the Dredge cut is a approx. 30°01’39. GSS”N and 90°06’49.017”W. The Dredge Moray will be excavating material in this area and transporting it via 8” Black floating and submerged Hdpe Pipeline that will be marked every 60’ with a orange floating buoy along with a floating marker buoy equipped with a amber flashing light where the pipe can float. Where the pipe is submerged the area will be marked with a buoy marked by 2 red lights one 3ft below the other on either side of the submerged weighted pipeline crossing located 100 feet to either side of the line connecting between 30°01142.87411 N and 90°06153.171”W and 30°01’40.901”N and 90°06152.40511W. The Dredge and its Tenders will monitor Channel 13 and Channel 8 will be the working channel for the project. The New Orleans Municipal Yacht Harbor has also established Channel 65A for boat traffic entering or requiring passage through the dredging zone.

Magnolia Dredge & Dock, LLC would like to formally request that all Mariners avoid these areas if at all possible to insure their safety on the water and not to disrupt the Dredging and efforts. The Effective Start Date for the Project will be Monday October l5t, 2018 and is expected to last approx. 90 days. Our Crew will be moving equipment into the area leading up to the effective start date. Dredging operations will be conducted 12hrs a day, Seven days a week. We anticipate starting operations at 6:30 a.m. each day, pending weather.