LPRC 2021
October 22nd – 24th


Overall Results

Race 1

Race 2

Race 3

Race 4

Julian Richards Trophy – StraitJacket (Kevin Blank)
Tootie Barnett Spinnaker Overall – Jalapeno (Ken Buhler)
Non-spinnaker Overall – Koala (Louis Lambou)
Racer/Cruiser Overall – Séduisant (Kyle Bowser)

ORR-ez Results
ORR-ez Spinnaker (fleet, compared by seconds per mile)

ORR-ez Spinnaker:
1st – Privateer
2nd – StraitJacket
3rd – Zydeco

ORR-ez Racer/Cruiser
1st – Séduisant
2nd – Tigi Too
3rd – Windarra II

Notice Board

LPRC Shirts and Products

Visit our ship store on Coral Reef Sailing to purchase your gear. Order by the 17th to have the products shipped to your home or the skippers meeting. You will still be able to purchase products for two weeks after LPRC.


ORR-ez GYA valid list can be viewed at https://www.regattaman.com/cert_list.php?org=430&goback=certificates_page.php&race_num=0.

ORR-ez renewals and new applications use: https://regattaman.com/find_reg_email.php?sku=h-0-2020-0-0-0-430.

2020 Results:




LPRC 2020 – PHRF Overall

Class Winners:
Spinnaker A:
1st – Zydeco
2nd – Icarus
3rd – Hot Pursuit

Spinnaker B:
1st – Wind Shift
2nd – Little Joe
3rd – Shastah

Spinnaker C:
1st – Evil Intentions
2nd – Jalapeno
3rd – Jingo

1st – Madam J
2nd – Seduisant
3rd – Tigi Too

1st – Big J

LPRC 2020 – ORR-Ez Overall

ORR-Ez Spinnaker:
1st – Zydeco
2nd – Wind Shift
3rd – Hot Pursuit

ORR-Ez Racer/Cruiser:
1st – Madam J
2nd – Seduisant
3rd – Tigi Too

Perpetual Trophies:

Julian Richards Trophy (Class A) – Zydeco
Tootie Barnett Spinnaker Overall – Evil Intentions
Non-spinnaker Overall – Big J
Racer/Cruiser Overall – Madam J