The Lake Pontchartrain Racing Circuit was established in 1985 by the four Gulf Yachting Association affiliated clubs: New Orleans Yacht Club, Southern Yacht Club, Pontchartrain Yacht Club, and Tammany Yacht Club. The event was, and continues to be, a milestone of cooperation between these organizations. The intention was to hold a series of races on Lake Pontchartrain to determine an area champion and establish a regatta that would eventually grow to an event of national prominence.

The LPRC Committee, consisting of four members from each club had the task of creating a regatta which would take advantage of the excellent fall sailing weather as well as providing a higher level of competition. The first regatta brochure announced, “what promises to be the largest and best attended regatta ever held on the Gulf Coast … the winners of this series will legitimately be able to claim the handicap championship of the Gulf Coast”.

In the years since the first LPRC, the format has expanded to five races over two weekends. Each yacht club hosts races and parties which have included thousands of spectators and participants. The combination of tough racing and great parties is a proven winner.

Regatta entries have ranged from the first year’s 96 entrants to a high of 132. Twenty percent of the entries have come from outside Lake Pontchartrain, including as far away as Lake Michigan. Along with perpetual trophies for each of the two divisions, over 150 individual trophies are presented for the winners of each race in each class. Jackets are awarded to skippers of the “Best Boat” of the spinnaker and non-spinnaker divisions.

The Lake Pontchartrain Racing Circuit has established itself as the premier sailboat regatta in the Gulf Yachting Association. It is considered by many as the championship event for handicap boats.